Commando Arena

Commando Arena 1.0

Put yourself at test and see if you have enough skills to win Commando Arena (See all)

Commando Arena is a futuristic action game in which you'll have a space ship to maneuver and shoot at enemies before they fire you with one of their light balls. In this game you have to move fast if you really want to pass to the next level, since enemies don't kid around and they will shoot without hesitating at the sight of you.

The adrenaline may run through your veins when you first take down a big command center since their destruction is very complicated, you have to perform several evasive actions in order to avoid impacts from this huge ship, and the smaller enemies are even harder to destroy due to their size and fast speed.

There are only three rules to win this game. Rule number one is to never waste a shot, try to aim properly before pulling the trigger so you can destroy more in less time. Some ships need a single shot to be taken down, whereas others may use all of your ammo. Rule number two is to never stay static, move around and always stay in motion, otherwise, you will be defeated easily. And rule number three: be really careful about the huge white ships, these won't let you finish your mission with success, their primary target is to force you to lose. If you think you're ready for a commanding adventure or if you just want to check your reflexes, put yourself at test and verify if you have enough skills to win Commando Arena.

Jonathan Palencia
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